Our Monster Models

Rick & Nickie Carter

Ours is the same ole’ story that you’re already familiar with. Classic monsters were our heroes when we were kids. We had several of them but they were lost over the years. One day we began talking about how much fun they were and decided to get them back.

We found reproduction kits of the old Aurora models still available online through Polar Lights, Revell, and Mobeius. We ordered one of each and began building.

Rick does the airbrushing and Nickie completes the dry brushing and detail. The models are photographed in our studio and complimentary backgrounds are added using photo-editing software. A background is chosen prior to photographing the model. This allows us to match the lighting on the model to the color and direction of the light in the background photograph, giving a more dramatic effect.

We hope you enjoy our gallery and may you have as much fun building your own as we do.

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